DoggieDayCareDog walking is superior to doggie day care for a number of reasons:

  • The chances of your dog becoming injured are drastically reduced with dog walking. Fights between dogs can happen with little warning. During dog walks your dog’s interactions with other dogs are closely monitored. After over a decade of dogwalking we can read the body language of dogs and can short circuit negative interactions before they happen. In doggie daycare things can quickly spiral out of control by the shear fact of dog to human ratio.
  • Just like children can easily pick up illnesses from other kids at school, the likelihood of your dog picking sicknesses up at daycare also increase.
  • Doggie daycare is not for all dogs. Some dogs prefer a quieter atmosphere and find it stressful to be consistently instigated by other dogs. Dogs are always most at ease in their own home. Dog walking is more custom fit for your dog, while dog daycare is one size fits all.
  • Doggie daycare will not help housebreak your dog, in fact they will often continue to eliminate indoors. Dogs are best housebroken in their own homes with consistent, realistically spaced out walks that are appropriately for life stage.
  • Dogwalking is also more appropriate for addressing separation anxiety. It is best to deal with supporting your dog to learn to be at ease at home with no one home with the help of a trainer or behaviorist. There are many methods for supporting your dog through separation anxiety, sending your dog away to day care will not address this issue.
  • Obviously senior dogs prefer the comfort of their home and definitely appreciate quiet. As dogs age they can find it harder to hold their bladder and bowels for longer periods of time. Dogwalking can be adjusted to better meet their changing needs and help keep them more comfortable. Incontinence can become more likely as dogs reach later stages in life.

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