As the holidays are quickly approaching, we must not forget to keep our pets safe and out of harm’s way.

Homes are dotted with Poinsettias and mistletoe, and while they make for a festive atmosphere, they are a danger to your pet.  Christmas trees could pose a potential threat to your pet as well.  The chemicals they give you to put in the water, to keep it fresher for longer, can be toxic to your animals.

Colorful decorations can attract your pets…or at least peak their curiosity.  They can break ornaments, snack on garland, chew on electrical cords, or even knock the tree down.  Thus resulting in a blockage in their intestines, electrocution, or getting hurt by having the tree topple over on them.  Don’t leave your pet unattended.  Keep breakable ornaments, or ornaments that they can chew and eat, out of their reach (like keeping these ornaments closer to the top of the tree).

Who doesn’t love ham?  Especially your dog! Yes, it’s the holidays, and you feel compelled to feed him table scraps from the holiday dinner table.  But, did you know that your dog could end up with pancreatitis from eating such fatty foods?  Garlic and onions can be toxic to your pet as well.  Keep your pet away from chocolates and sweets.  These can prove deadly to your pet as well. Just because treats are “sugar-free” does not mean it’s better for them.  Actually, they are more toxic to your pet.  Sugar-free products contain xylitol, which if ingested, can be fatal. It’s best to resist the temptation to feed your pet people food (it’s hard to resist when they are staring at you so intently)…it’s not worth getting your pet sick.

Clean up wrapping paper, ribbons and bows.  They can also pose a choking threat to your pet, and can also make them sick.