bergen county profesional dog walkerI picked out the perfect spot for my vacation down in LBI. The only problem is, it does not allow dogs. Sigh. The thought of leaving my 11 year old Beagle behind is causing me much guilt and sadness. This got me thinking about the top reason people use professional dog walkers. You probably. like me, fit somewhere in the list.

Why a Dog Walker?


Your dog spends all day just waiting for you to come back home. After work, you have an endless list of things to do and your dog waits patiently for some time with you. Those puppy eyes sure can make one feel guilty. If you feel bad knowing your dog has a long, lonely day then hiring a dog walker can help ease your guilt.


Being at home alone everyday is very lonesome and boring. When you hire a dog walker, your dog has something to look forward to and some companionship during the day.

High energy dog

If your dog is full of energy and bouncing off the walls while you are at work and when you get home, it is recommended that you hire a dog walker. This will allow your dog to release some pent up energy. You will have a much happier, calmer dog.

Crated puppy

Crated puppies can not and should not be confined without a potty break for 8 plus hours. This is too long for young dogs to hold it and besides they need more play time and socialization than older dogs. If you have a puppy under 1 year old, hiring a dog walker for 1 or 2 visits while you are working will help your puppy with potty training and stimulation.

Old  dog

Just like puppies, senior dogs just aren’t able to hold it as long as they used to. They may need more frequent trips outside to eliminate. Hire a dog walker to help your senior get up and move about. Not only does it give your dog a chance to potty it also helps loosen stiff joints by allowing them to move around for a little stroll.


Exercise is important for all dogs. They are meant to live active lives This is good for their health and well-being.. If your dog could loose a few pounds or needs some daily exercise, hiring a dog walker will be beneficial.


Stimulation if very important for your dog. Being stuck in the house all day does not provide the outlets your dog needs. New sights, smells, and sounds help stimulate your dog mentally. This makes for a much happier dog. When you have time constraints that don’t allow you to get your dog out for daily dog walks, a dog walker can fill in.

You Work Long Hours

Some professions have no choice but to continuously work long hours. If you are in such position where work requires a 10-12 hour shift, you will definitely want to hire a dog walker. Ten or more hours a day being alone and without time to go outside for a much needed break is tough on your dog. Sure they may be able to hold it that long but that doesn’t mean they should have to. Would you want to go all day without a bathroom break?

Peace of Mind

Probably the best reason to hire a dog walker is peace of mind. You feel relieved knowing a professional dog walker is coming in daily to take your dog out for some fun, socialization, exercise, and potty time. You will not worry all day at work. There will not be the urgency to have to rush home or give up after work socials. No worries or guilt for you and something to look forward to for your dog.

Well, these are just a few of the reasons why you may want to hire a professional dog walker. If you have a dog and live in the Oradell, Allendale, Hillsdale, Ramsey, Saddle River, Upper Saddle River, Ho-Ho-Kus, Montvale, Woodcliff Lake or Wyckoff area, contact us here for our professional dog walking services.